Eastbay cinematographer, Jahsaudi Perkins returns to help us celebrate our 200th episode! Grab a beer and buckle up because this week we lament Severin's Mid-Summer Sale, cover a training video, and argue about vampires. About an hour in, Randy and Jahsaudi cover a couple of Abel Ferrara films, Clark catches up with ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, and Russell reviews Vinegar Syndrome's Bluray release of PALE BLOOD. Then the celebration comes to an end as we all share our thoughts on Blumhouse's new film, YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT.

Those of you who have listened to our nonsense for 200 episodes, thank you for not leaving. We here at The Overlook Hour love you and hope to bring you at least a couple more.

For those who are checking us out for the first time... we're sorry. <3


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