Just a few months after producing his first feature, Nicholas Payne Santos got the opportunity to direct his first feature in “It Cuts Deep”. He joins the boys this week to talk about shooting a film at his parents' house, getting notes on the film from his wife and decline to join the conversation on “stuff we’ve stolen”.

In the intro, Randy provides small talk on “The Giant”. Clark thinks you should visit “His House” and Russ closes it out with late 80’s television show “Monsters”.


Films: Green Room (2015), Are We Not Cats (2016), Under the Silver Lake (2018), Another Evil (2016), Kajillionaire (2020), The Giant (2019), Ham on Rye (2019), His House (2020), How to with John Wilson (TV 2020), Uncle Peckerhead (2020), Larry Gone Demon (2015), It Cuts Deep (2020), Monsters (TV 1988)


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