It's been over three years since filmmaker Stu Jopia chatted with the boys and this week he makes his return, along with show favorite Chris "Zombieking" Fairrie, to talk about their film festival, Dead of Night. They talk about the decision to make this year's festival online, free, and available to anyone on the planet. Stu also catches us up on his latest film "Creatures". In the intro, Benji Carver calls in from captivity to tell us about his event in partnership with Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, Mr. Holehead's Warped Dimension.

Also in the intro, Randy is addicted to a library streaming service, Clark and Russ discuss "Cuties" and Russ closes it out with the alarming new Netflix doc, "The Social Dilemma".


Films: Alone (2020), Monrovia, Indiana (2018), Your Moms House Live ep 2, Cuties (2020), Long Weekend (1978), The Social Dilemma (2020), Fried Barry (2020), Jam(2000), Dalziel and Pascoe, Inside No. 9, Psychoville, Creatures (2020), Night of the Creeps (1986), The Monster Squad (1987), Franky and His Pals (1991), Book of Monsters (2018)

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