Through an Instagram message and a screener link, this week's guest, James Dobbins Jones, managed to split your beloved hosts. James explains the impetus behind his film, “Charlotte’s Net”, how the Dark Web is more monitored than the internet and how he plans to pivot his career.

In the intro, Randy talks about an Abel Ferrara film. Again. Clark tumbled “Downhill” and Russell covers the first film in his new box set review, “Ghost School Trilogy”.


Films: The Projectionist (2020), My Psychadelic Love Story (2020), The Midnight Sky (2020), Into the Storm (2014), Soul (2020), Downhill (2020), Greenland (2020), Beasts Clawing at Straws (2020), Whispering Corridors (1998), Midnight Special (2016), Long Way Back Home (2018), Loving (2016), Dead Hands Dig Deep (2016), Charlotte's Net (2021), The Last American Virgin (1982), Shadow in the Cloud (2020), Escape Room 2 (2021)


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